Driving & The Issue Of Mobile Phone Use

Driving Down Mobile Phone Use

The mobile phone has come a long way in a short number of years, from a weighty brick sized lump, via the fixed car phone, to be miniaturised, slender, lightweight and inseparable from pocket or purse.

The smart phone has swept among us with the speed of an epidemic, and put the world of social media at our finger tips, virtually any time, anywhere, and in particular, the younger age groups.

What this has done is to produce a compulsion, or at least an acceptance that much of the waking hours will be spent on social media and social interaction by smart phone, and it has become highly necessary to draw a firm line between it and at least one major activity, that of driving.

The use of mobile phones when driving has for many years been discouraged, and treated in a similar fashion to Continue reading Driving & The Issue Of Mobile Phone Use