Buy Backlinks & Rank First In Google

Is It Advisable To Buy Backlinks?

As with all things, there are different levels of ‘buying backlinks’ from paying to have a link added to a page that is clearly selling links, through to bespoke SEO which still provides paid backlinks, but which appear on pages that can’t be detected as ‘selling links’.

Google has long hated paid links that are created to manipulate it’s rankings, although there are still lots of examples of obviously paid links that continue to have a positive effect on SERPs.

That said, there are millions if not billions of examples of paid links that harm rankings so your rule of thumb should be not to buy any link on any page that includes advertising for paid links. Google will find them in due course and you will suffer as a result. Instead, get high quality one way backlinks that work from OWL & you will build a long lasting link profile that will boost your rankings.

Clever Paid Backlinks

There are many ways to kill a cat and if you are smart about buying links, they will be undetectable and very powerful.

The first step is to avoid any obvious paid link sites, networks and link farms.

If you can find a link farm then Google won’t be far behind you and they not only devalue the link farm pages themselves when they identify them, but they apply manual penalties to all the sites that use them too…. leaving you with no organic traffic and a massive clean up task, disavowing all the spam links you have just paid to build!

Reputable SEO companies sell backlinks, but neither you, or any search engines will be able to identify them as being paid for.

A good quality backlink will give you a significant boost in SERPs and be completely undetectable to Google.

It’s possible to build all the links you need yourself. All you need is plenty of time and an understanding of the attributes that you need your backlinks to possess.

If you have nothing else better to do then it’s perfectly possible to achieve, but for many business owners, they don’t have enough time to run their business, let alone dedicate hundreds of additional hours to online link building.

The solution is to buy links from backlink building specialists DeehoSEO – who already have all the time and money saving contacts and expertise you need to be able to create effective backlinks at an affordable price that will deliver a cost effective return for you.

Whatever route you choose, you need back-links to drive your rankings if you want traffic from the most competitive keywords.