Window Blinds – Perfect For Summer

Window Blinds

Blinds have come a long way in the last ten years or so. If you still think that window blinds are springloaded retractable blinds that never retract properly, then it’s time to think again…..

With so many different styles of blinds, some fully automated, motorised and sleek, you are spoilt for choice with the different styles available.

Gone are the days when blinds ended up half open just because they were stuck in that position! At the flick of a button, you can open multiple room blinds, without any effort at all.

With ranges of ‘vision’ blinds you can control the light into a room or shade different aspects depending on the weather.

Luxaflex Window Blinds
Luxaflex Window Blinds

Modern Blinds can transform rooms, and are an affordable way to carry out a makeover.

Vision Blinds

Whatever look you are going for, there is a blind to suit your taste; vertical, venetian, roller, motorised, blackout blinds, Roman, Pleated, Panel or new style.

The current, modern ranges of blinds are vastly different from those of just a few years ago. Fully automated homes are increasingly becoming the norm and motorised blinds can easily be networked usung Alexa, Siri etc for slick, voice activated window blinds.

Whether you are after a modern or contemporary feel, classic country, town house or city loft, blinds are the best way to provide privacy, and control light as well as looking great as an important part of your decor.

High quality blinds can keep your rooms cool, and all but disappear when not required, allowing maximum natural light into your home.

The flexibility of window blinds gives you the best of both worlds, and blackout blinds are great for bedrooms, home cinemas and rooms where you want to illiminate natural light.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping Tips

When the first copy of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales was sold online, with encrypted financial data, (a credit card number) it was viewed as an interesting novelty that computers and the internet could perform.

That novelty in 1994, in a relatively short space of time has changed our perception of how to obtain goods and services, and online shopping is now a market in which the worldwide spending is quoted in hundreds of billions of pounds.

It really comes as no surprise that online shopping has been taken up so readily, the internet, as with many other facets of life, has made it easy Continue reading Online Shopping

Driving & The Issue Of Mobile Phone Use

Driving Down Mobile Phone Use

The mobile phone has come a long way in a short number of years, from a weighty brick sized lump, via the fixed car phone, to be miniaturised, slender, lightweight and inseparable from pocket or purse.

The smart phone has swept among us with the speed of an epidemic, and put the world of social media at our finger tips, virtually any time, anywhere, and in particular, the younger age groups.

What this has done is to produce a compulsion, or at least an acceptance that much of the waking hours will be spent on social media and social interaction by smart phone, and it has become highly necessary to draw a firm line between it and at least one major activity, that of driving.

The use of mobile phones when driving has for many years been discouraged, and treated in a similar fashion to Continue reading Driving & The Issue Of Mobile Phone Use

Buy Backlinks & Rank First In Google

Is It Advisable To Buy Backlinks?

As with all things, there are different levels of ‘buying backlinks’ from paying to have a link added to a page that is clearly selling links, through to bespoke SEO which still provides paid backlinks, but which appear on pages that can’t be detected as ‘selling links’.

Google has long hated paid links that are created to manipulate it’s rankings, although there are still lots of examples of obviously paid links that continue to have a positive effect on SERPs.

That said, there are millions if not billions of examples of paid links that harm rankings so your rule of thumb should be not to Continue reading Buy Backlinks & Rank First In Google